Welcome to our visitor center

The visitor center is open every Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

What is there to see

At the former naval air base, we have set up the communication bunker as an exhibition space. The permanent exhibition covers the history of the airbase from the 1930s to its closure in 2006. The collection contains numerous photos, models and small objects, but also, for example, the aircraft stairs through which many heads of state descended, and a complete aircraft engine. There are also objects that have recently been excavated during work, such as parts of German and Dutch aircraft. An important place is occupied by a large, very detailed and historically justified model with hangars and airplanes. This was still under construction in March 2022.

A short history

A lot has happened in the mere 67 years that Valkenburg airbase has existed. Read about the German invasion, the reconstruction, the glory years and the final blow in 2006.

How to find us

1 From the Wassenaarseweg (Katwijk – Wassenaar), take the exit to the (former) airbase.

2 Our visitor center is located just past the barrier at the main entrance of the airport site.

3 Is the barrier closed? Then sign up via the intercom and indicate that you are going to our visitor center in Building 250.

4 Beyond the barrier, take the second road left. Or follow the blue signs with “250”. There is ample parking space.

For navigation: Marinevliegkamp 250, 2236 ZZ Valkenburg. If your navigation can’t find this address, use 1e Mientlaan, 2223 LA, Katwijk aan Zee.

Information for wheelchair users

Wheelchair users have been taken into account when setting up the exhibition. However, the bunker also has its limitations. The entrance to the bunker is wide enough for most wheelchairs and scooters. Do you have a wide wheelchair? Then the bunker entrance and emergency exit are probably too narrow. We have a standard model ready in which you may be able to switch – we are happy to help you. Unfortunately, our toilet is not suitable for wheelchair users.