About us

Keeping the memory of Valkenburg airport alive: that is the mission of the Valkenburg Airport History Foundation (SHVV). The airport has a rich history, which is deeply rooted in the region and with the people who have worked at the airport. That history is worth preserving. The SHVV was founded on February 1, 2016, 10 years after the closure of Naval Air Base Valkenburg. Thanks to the (financial) support of donors, the municipality of Katwijk and various national and local funds, we can implement our plans.

Help preserve this heritage

Do you also want this heritage to be preserved in the region? If you would like to help preserve the airport’s history, please volunteer. The SHVV cannot survive for long without volunteers. We need enthusiastic people (young or older) to staff the visitor center and tell visitors about its history. And people who maintain the collection and help organize those activities. We can provide short training by professionals.

Would you like to participate in such a project? Please contact us. Together we ensure that the history of the airport is preserved.

Activities for old and young

It doesn’t stop at an exhibition. The SHVV also organizes or will organize activities. For the elderly and children. Because schools are interested in the fascinating history of the airport, a curriculum for youth will be developed. In addition, the visitor center serves as a starting point for walking and cycling tours through nature and along the parts of the Atlantic Wall.

Download de pdf en lees onze plannen voor 2022 – 2023.

Culturele ANBI-status

De belastingdienst heeft de Stichting Historie Vliegveld Valkenburg vanaf 1 januari 2018 aangemerkt als een Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling ANBI) en als Culturele ANBI. Omdat we deze status hebben, kunnen we gebruikmaken van bepaalde belastingvoordelen bij erven, schenken en de energiebelasting. Voor donateurs van Culturele ANBI’s geldt een extra giftenaftrek. Particulieren mogen in de aangifte inkomstenbelasting 1,25 keer het bedrag van de gift aftrekken. Ondernemingen die onder de vennootschapsbelasting vallen, mogen 1,5 keer het bedrag van de gift aftrekken in de aangifte vennootschapsbelasting. Omdat we een Culturele ANBI-status hebben, hebben we een publicatieplicht. De betreffende stukken treft u hier aan: ANBI-document (pdf).

Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming

Per 25 mei 2018 geldt de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). Vanaf die datum geldt dezelfde privacywetgeving in de hele EU. Nu hebben de lidstaten nog hun eigen nationale wetten, gebaseerd op de Europese privacyrichtlijn uit 1995. Om aan deze nieuwe Europese wetgeving te voldoen, hebben wij een AVG-protocol opgesteld, waarin een Privacyverklaring is opgenomen. Deze verklaring treft u hier aan: Privacyverklaring (pdf).

The board

The board with from left to right Arjan den Hertog (ex-board member, now volunteer), Prudent Staal (treasurer), Rob Schleiffert (secretary) and Marco Borst (chairman)

Peter Korbee is initiator and honorary chairman

The board is assisted by a board advisory board

Deze organisaties en bedrijven steunen ons!

Our logo

Due to the chosen form, the logo is a nod to the traditional coat of arms, which emphasizes the historical aspect in the objective of the Valkenburg History Vliegveld Foundation.

  • The first plane (top left) is a combination of the coat of arms of the former municipality of Valkenburg and the coat of arms of the Naval Air Base Valkenburg.
  • In the top right area a Fokker C.10 is depicted: the very first aircraft to ever land at Valkenburg.
  • At the bottom right you can see the last control tower of the airport.
  • In the fourth square at the bottom left is an image of a propeller from a Lockheed P-3C Orion, the very last aircraft that was operational from Valkenburg.

The wave between the upper and lower surfaces is derived from the coat of arms of the Naval Air Base Valkenburg. The colors yellow and red, used as a background for the four surfaces, are the colors of the village of Valkenburg; the color red that was also used in the coat of arms of the Valkenburg Naval Air Base. The colors blue and white, used in the golf, are the colors of the municipality of Katwijk, the location of the Foundation History Vliegveld Valkenburg. The logo was designed after an idea by Marco Borst and further developed graphically by the company Aviosign from Zwaag (www.aviosign.nl).